The Loves of Aaron Burr

The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry and Binding a film by Camilla Huey edited by Nellie Beavers

Drawing connections between her own interpretive work and the historic corsets exhibited in Fashioning the Body: An Intimate History of the Silhouette, Camilla Huey will speak on the changing architectural, structural, and functional forms of corsets and materials. She will bring selected works from her 2013 exhibition, The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry & Binding.

Peer indiscreetly into biography as voyeur into the politics of revolutionary and Federalist New York. Historically, the Eighteenth century woman was viewed as a body without a voice. Combining letters, books and corsets, Huey created bodies from which to reanimate their voices. The film encapsulates the artist’s process, truly fulfilling the project’s vision.

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